Where dating is social.
iDate is the first dating platform that is also designed with an eye towards social networking. After all, dating has always been a social event. Double dates, group dates, couples socializing with other couples, couples “setting up” their friends, none of these things occur on sites like Match and eHarmony.

With iDate, your social circle is involved in your dating life as much or as little as you like. Want your friend’s opinion on what you’re planning to wear on an upcoming date? You can show them the outfit you’re considering and they can give you their thoughts on whether you’re stylin’ or if you’re stuck in the 80’s.

iDate is also the only dating site that is powered by a patented contextual search engine, which shows you potential matches based on your conversations with friends.
iDate isn’t just focused on “couples” dating, our mission is connecting people whether they be new couples, new friendships, or new families, so they can share time with the people they enjoy most.

The online platform is simply a tool to connect people and establish relationships whose real growth will occur offline. To that end, iDate is establishing partnerships with travel companies such as Abercrombie & Kent, Adventures by Disney and RCI Intl. to connect our members with a variety of travel solutions.

Groups will be able to use iDate as their social networking communications platform. We’re just getting started, but as we grow iDate intends to have celebs and relationship experts, cooking, and tons of UGC.

Music is another way iDate differentiates itself. Music has always been an important element in people’s lives and has often served as a powerful way of connecting them with others. iDate enables members to express their mood and personality by uploading, commenting and rating their favorite music tracks in MP3 format.

iDate is also in the business of helping others. iDate’s parent company, Enthuze, Inc., donates 5% of your membership fees in the form of software, hardware and educational curricula to various charitable organizations whose mission statements are focused on helping children with educational needs.

Refer you’re friends and you’ll earn credits and build your social clout.

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